Two Great Books by St. Paul Author Elizabeth Vaughan

Charlie’s Very Own Story
Meet Charlie—a collie like no other. Rescued from a kennel by young Marna Witherspoon, Charlie is full of questions about life and looking for answers. In Charlie’s Very Own Story, author Elizabeth Vaughan invites readers to join him in his search. Along the way you’ll find high adventure, extraordinary insights, and so much more. In a novel reminiscent of Richard Adams’s Watership Down, Ms. Vaughan offers us a remarkable story sure to charm and delight readers.

The Meadow
Twicht and Twacht, two small gray rabbits, lived happily in their Meadow with Melanie the 
fawn and their human friend Colette. One day, though, it seemed as if the Meadow 
might no longer be theirs and, with a little unexpected help, Twicht, Twacht and Melanie rally to protect their beautiful Meadow home.

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